KlikAan App thumbnail image

KlikAan App

I made this icon for a new KlikAan app. Which can control your lights true a smartphone / tablet.

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Fatcap Express thumbnail image

Fatcap Express

This is a school assignment concerning an urban lifestyle magazine. We worked in teams and everyone had his own tasks....

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Pack of chewing gum thumbnail image

Pack of chewing gum

For a school assignment I had to make a new package for a random brand. I chosed for chewing gum, and to make up my own brand!

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Sketch for a spread-sheet thumbnail image

Sketch for a spread-sheet

Made this sketch as part of a spread-sheet, first started with pencil. Then I worked it out with Posca markers

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Product illustration thumbnail image

Product illustration

Done in illustrator  

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Domotica-COCO kits thumbnail image

Domotica-COCO kits

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10″ inch touch screen content thumbnail image

10″ inch touch screen content

For this assignment I was asked to make the design for the touch screen content and to be sure that it works! If you choose an option by touching the screen a movie clip will start. You will find a lot of information about the products you want to know ...

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Coupon for a construction market thumbnail image

Coupon for a construction market

For fathers day I had to make a coupon. This was what I came up with  

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Advertisement thumbnail image


Done in Indesign. This was for a magazine  

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Price list thumbnail image

Price list

Price list done in Indesign  

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